January 26, 2010

Seven Days between the Parrot and the Camel

from Monday, January 11 to Sunday, January 17 in the year 2010

Considering the Language:

There were no spec changes except for some typo fixes.

One of the fixes sparked some discussion about the correct reading of the sentence "Regexes are now first-class language, not strings".

Larry Wall refactored the Cursor class in his STD grammar implementation.

Kyle Hasselbacher contributed many spectests for RT tickets and split up the smartmatch operator tests into several files.

Considering Rakudo:

Jonathan Worthington returned to Rakudo development and immediately increased the momentum of the ng branch by implementing parametric roles, role punning, and "my Can of Beer $starobrno" declarations.

Solomon Foster made exponentiation right-associative as per STD.pm and implemented Complex.roots and Num.Complex.

John Harrison fixed List.new(1, 2, 3).

Considering Parrot:

Peter Lobsinger merged the pmc_freeze_cleanup branch to trunk.

James Keenan merged the branches remove_Parrot_ex_calc_handler_offset and tt473_remove_memcpy_aligned to trunk.

In the tt389_fix branch for fixing bug 389, chromatic was blocking a bit on related fixes to PGE/TGE. He expects the branch to land just after release 2.0. A separate branch pge_no_namespace_methods has been created to fix PGE not to look for methods in namespaces.

Vasily Chekalkin started the gc_encapsulate branch for improving the encapsulation of pluggable garbage collectors.

Peter Lobsinger added the testG make target and -G harness flag for running the tests with the gcdebug runcore. He reports 8 failures currently on Linux x86_64 using this flag. He also disabled Garbage-collection when threads are used as they don't play nice together.

Aninhumer contributed documentation about defining subs in PIR. He also suggested mentioning Duke Leto's GitHub mirror as an easy place to apply documentation changes.

"vv" and similar NCI signatures have been deprecated.

Fran├žois Perrad added new meta data for Cardinal and Forth to plumage.

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