January 15, 2010

Seven Days between the Parrot and the Camel

from Monday, January 4 to Sunday, January 10 in the year 2010

Considering the Language:

The spec remained quiet except for some cleanup and clarification:

KeyHash containers will have a default value (such as 0 or '' or Nil or Bool::False) and delete any entry if its value goes to this default.

Declaration examples were updated to properly use constant as a type declarator syntactically.

Some fossils using the range constructor .. with the obsolete :by adverb were fixed to use the ... sequence operator.

Remnants of .true changed to .so.

Considering Rakudo:

While still waiting for the return of its main protagonists, the ng branch made some progress:

Jonathan Scott Duff implemented unspace parsing and parsing of variable shapes in declarations.

Solomon Foster added log functions with $base parameter.

Stephen Weeks added &warn.

Considering Parrot:

In the one_make branch, Will Coleda has already converted data_json, pirc, nqp, imcc, and json to use included Makefile fragments instead of recursive make invocations. Each subproject provides a Defines.mak and a Rules.mak file so all variable definitions can be gathered before the rule definitions start. The checkdepend.pl tool now has a --dump option for printing the preprocessed Makefile and checks .include and load_bytecode dependencies of PIR files in addition to C #includes.

Vasily Chekalkin changed tailcall ops to detach the RetContinuation from the context in an attempt to fix the elusive bug 1393. The issue does not seem to be fully resolved, however, as James Keenan still reports test failures.

In order to fix bug 389 (methods are wrongly entered in namespaces), chromatic started the tt389_fix branch.

The OrderedHash PMC has been deprecated.

Fran├žois Perrad added a separate install-doc target for installing documentation files and examples.

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